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Website Design Services

Terra is a creative web design agency with an experienced design team. We create custom, effective websites that will capture your brand’s identity. We also put priority on optimizing for SEO and boosting your conversion rates. We want to put our experience, dedication, and creativity to work for your business. Let us show you what we are capable of creating. We are sure you are going to be very happy with the results. 

In our changing world, you must stay connected digitally with your customers. So you can leverage new markets and grow your business. Statistics released by IFLScience show that there are around 4.57 billion people worldwide that actively use the internet at least once a month (which is equal to 59 percent of the global population). Within this worldwide online community, about 53 percent perform research before connecting with a brand to make sure they are reputable.

Improving your brand’s digital presence isn’t as easy as building a website and waiting for your customer to come. Your website is your brand’s online business card. It serves as your primary customer touchpoint and conversion machine. As such, it is critical to ensure it stands out from the competition and is relevant to your visitors’ intentions. You will also need to have your site’s SEO properly structured to increase its search engine findability. If your company needs a custom website get started today with a free proposal!

Why Should I Use A Website Design Agency?

There is no arguing that having a website is a must. Not only can it be confusing to find a starting point, but the internet can be an extremely crowded place. This means you want to make sure your website sticks out from your competition and will not go to the 30th page of a google search result. Knowing that you need to have a website will not make it any easier to find a starting point. There are several things you should take into account before jumping in and building a functioning site. Having a professional website design agency build your site will ensure a stress-free accessible site. Through working with a professional website design agency, your website will be inherently safer. The reason for this is that an expert website developer will know what not to download to avoid any plugins or themes that could give hackers easy access to your site. If you decide to use a website builder, you will be constantly frustrated with limitations solved only by knowing how to code or paying for pricey plugins. However, the reality with most modern website builders is all it takes is an elementary level understanding: of Hypertext Markup LanguageCascading Style SheetsJavascriptHypertext Preprocessor, and you can accomplish almost anything you want. Unfortunately, this does not account for the time you will spend building it and the trial and error of fixing problems that a professional website design agency handles daily and can take care of efficiently.

What is a responsive website?

You may have heard someone use the term responsive websites or RWD design. This refers to making sure a website renders correctly on all devices and screens. Simply put, a responsive website will load just as well on a desktop as it does on mobile. This works through a mixture of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). The two programming languages accomplish this by using an array of settings to serve different styles. These settings account for the size, orientation, resolution, color capability, and other characteristics of the user’s device.

If I choose your web design agency, will my site be mobile optimized?

Every website we build here at Terra Advertising Agency is fully responsive and will load just as well on mobile as it does on desktop. According to Statista, 54.8% of all internet traffic is from mobile devices meaning over half your potential website visitors will not be using their desktop to access your site. Given that metric, Google takes mobile optimization seriously concerning your potential ranking position. So by not having a responsive site, you are creating a negative experience for over half your potential customers. To ensure your website is responsive and optimized, choose Terra Advertising Agency!

If I use your website design agency, will my site be search engine optimized?

SEO or search engine optimization is vital for your website. If you are not familiar with SEO, it is an acronym for search engine optimization. It is the act of optimizing your website to increase its visibility when people are using search engines like google, yahoo, Bing. Search engine optimization is vital for any website to succeed, given how many people use search engines to search for basically everything. Website builders in most scenarios will not do the SEO for you. Even in the rare case where the website builders have it built-in, it is usually not structured using the best standards. Any number of problems like excessive use of HTML, CSS, Javascript to improper error pages, or even missing or duplicate h1 tags can negatively affect your SEO. At Terra Advertising Agency, every website we build starts by optimizing for maximum Search engine ranking. We will never make promises to specific search engine rankings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Simply put its not hard at all. First we would need to figure out what you like and don’t like most about your current website. Then we can put together a plan to build your new website. We can use the content your website currently uses or scrap it all together for something new and fresh. It’s really just up to you, we can build anything you want. 

Every website we build at Terra Advertising Agency is mobile optimized. Having a mobile friendly site is so important in todays age. Around 54% of all website traffic is through mobile phones. This means if your website isn’t mobile optimized you are creating a bad experience for over half your website visitors. This won’t just get you less business but will also negatively effect your SEO since google takes mobile page speed and optimization into account for ranking purposes. 

This depends heavily on what it is that you need. The first thing we need to know is what your business online goals are. Is your company selling a product or service? How many individual services do you have? Or if you want to sell physical items online how many items will you’re store have? These are all important questions that we need to know before we can properly quote you. A custom website from Terra Advertising Agency can be anywhere from $500-$10,000+ depending on what you need and how fast you need it. 

In order to make a great website it requires a combined effort between the website designer and you the business owner. This is because no one knows your business better then you, all the intricacies that an outsider would miss that you can shed light on. This helps us build a website that you love and is actually useful for your customers or clients. 

We will have a number of questions for you from the beginning like: What does your brand stand for? Does your brand have an interesting backstory? Why do your customers choose your company over the competition? These are just a couple of questions we will ask you before we start the project. We rely on you heavily in the beginning stages to help us understand your brand and your vision for how you want the website to look. 

If you don’t have answers to these questions or simply don’t have the time and just want us to build your site for you we can do that too. We would still need to have a consultation to go over some broader things to make sure we have all your companies details. We find the best sites are built through collaboration but we also understand you have to run your business and that takes most of your time so once the project is started we will only reach out for important updates or vital questions.

Your site will be hosted by us on Dreamhost servers. We are very transparent on our hosting prices and won’t use the bad practices other Web Design agency use of up-charging hosting prices. All of our sites are hosted using Dreamhost servers which boast an impressive and unheard of 100% guaranteed uptime. This means your website will always be online and safe from hackers. 

A wireframe is a simple sketch of the key information that needs to go on each page of a site. It shows the hierarchy of the information and how much space it might require. This is a way to visualize what your site will look like without building it all out. Wireframes help us make sure the site is built to your exact specifications. 

Yes. Once we complete the project you will have full access to  your site to do whatever you would like with it. We will provide you a number of resources that will walk you through the editing process to make it easier to change things if you want to. We will always be there to help you if have any questions or want things changed but we completely understand if you don’t. Even if you wanted another company to do something on the site you will have full access to do whatever you like with YOUR website.

This depends heavily on what your website needs are. It can be anywhere from 2 weeks to a few months. This really just comes down to many pages and how much content your site needs. A huge E-Commerce site with thousands of products will take a few months but a simple 5 page website highlighting services might only take a few weeks. Every project is different and we will let you know beforehand what the timeline of your project is. These timelines are fluid and can change depending on obstacles that come up during the project but tend to be pretty firm.

The answer to this question really comes down to what your definition of results are. Will you start getting sales form day one? Probably not. Will you rank number one on google in the first month? Definitely not. Will your customers have a clear and concise place to read about your services or learn about your products? Definitely. SEO takes time and you have to build up that authority with google before they start rewarding you with rankings and organic traffic. 

That is perfectly fine. The majority of our clients pay us a small monthly fee to make sure their sites are always secure and up to date. For most this is a no brainer it takes all the stress and up keep off your plate so you can run your business. 

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