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Social Strategies That Work

Social Media Management Solutions

Joining the digital world does not have to be a scary milestone. At Terra Advertising Agency in Orlando, FL, our experienced social media specialists can help you determine the best platforms and audiences to convey your message.

Our specialists will also take a close look at your top competitors and provide solutions to grow your brand. You can get started by simply contacting us or filling out an inquiry today.

What Is Social Media Management?

Social media management is the ongoing practice of designing, publishing, promoting, and managing content across social media platforms. At its face value, it can seem that it is just posting status updates to your company profiles, but it is much more than that. It also includes engaging with your audience and looking for opportunities to increase reach and visibility.

Do I Have To Provide Content?

No. We create unique content for all of our clients tailored to your brand. We ask that you provide us with your logo files and other relevant pictures. And we then use that to create unique content specific to your brand. If you do not have any photos, we can still take care of everything. If you do not have any original shots, we can do a couple of things. The first option is to send over a photographer who can get us high-quality pictures. The second option is to use our massive collection of commercially licensed stock photos. At Terra, we specialize in creating unique content that engages your customers!

Why Should My Company Utilize A Social Media Management Service?

There are not enough resources invested in social media management at most small businesses. This is the reality because posting quality content on social media takes valuable time. And even if you have someone on your team that can make content, you might not have anyone who has expertise in implementing effective campaigns. And that is where we can help. If you are interested in making us a part of your team, contact us today for a free proposal!

What Social Media Platforms Should My Company Be Using?

The answer can depend heavily on what industry you are in. The first is Facebook which has over 2.89 billion monthly active users your potential customer/client is on Facebook. The next is Instagram, which has about half the monthly active users as Facebook but is much more popular with the younger generation. Some other social media platforms that your business could benefit from are Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. All of these platforms would be beneficial to growing your business. Reach out today and, one of our Social Media experts can create a list of social media platforms that are the best fit for your business.

What does your social media management process look like?

Our process is simple but effective. Our process is results-oriented and is focused on growing your business.

Facebook Management

Facebook has grown into a behemoth with over 2.89 billion monthly active users. With the size of Facebook, it is vital regardless of what industry your business is in to have a Facebook page. At Terra Advertising Agency, our Facebook management process is simple but effective. It revolves around running tests and using the data from the tests to inform our strategy. From figuring out the most efficient posting times or tagging strategies that increase your organic engagement. At Terra, we can work with you to create unique strategies tailored to grow your business and increase sales.

Instagram Management

Instagram has just over 1.3 billion monthly active users so it is not quite as big as Facebook but, it still has a massive audience. The advantage that Instagram has over Facebook is its demographics. Instagram is way more popular among the younger generation while Facebook has become the go-to for older people. The other advantage Instagram provides your business is hashtag discoverability. This means if the hashtags are researched properly they can organically increase your posts’ reach and engagement. Hashtags allow you to reach more people without spending any ad dollars. That seems like a no-brainer to me!

Linkedin Management

LinkedIn is the social media for professionals. Linked-in has 722 million active monthly users and, over 40% of them use the platform every day. These impressive numbers provide a good opportunity for your business to attract new customers. With so many daily active users, this tells us that people are consuming a lot of content on LinkedIn and, at least some of it should be yours. At Terra, we can create unique content that helps your business stand out on LinkedIn.

Tik Tok Management

With over 1 billion users in only a few years of existence, Tik Tok is hard to ignore in today’s landscape. It may seem like a no-brainer for your business to be on Tik Tok, but many people get frozen when it comes time to make the content to post. That is where we come in! At Terra, we will create unique content ideas, design the content, and post it for you!



Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions, we've got answers!

What Will You Post?

We tailor our posting strategies to your brands image and target demographics. To put it in simple terms we create content that is best for your customers or clients.

Do You Send Reports?

Yes, we send monthly reports detailing your posts reach and engagement. 

How Many Times Do You Post?

We will manage your accounts on a daily basis. You can usually expect 1-3 post per day. We tailor your posting schedule to what fits best for your business.

Do I Have To Sign A Contract Or Make A Long Term Commitment?

NO! We will never make you sign a contract or make a long term commitment. We work on a month to month basis and if you don’t think we aren’t preforming up to par you can cancel no questions asked. We also will never lock up or harm your social media accounts in the scenario you cancel.

Can You Increase Leads For My Business?

Absolutely, at Terra we have social media experts who can not only identify your target customer but drive them to your website or store front.

Do I Need To Have Pictures?

While it would help tremendously if you provided us with some photos so we can create professional content around it. We can either use commercially licensed stock photos or we can send a photographer to your business and have a professional photo shoot.