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Pay Per Click Experts

PPC Management Service

Our pay-per-click management service allows you to maximize return-on-investment on your ad spend. Our number one priority is getting you the most out of every campaign, and we accomplish that by considering every detail. 

We offer custom strategies, tailored to your business’s specific needs and goals. Our campaigns utilize Google’s robust pay-per-click network, text ad remarketing and banner remarketing to encourage previous visitors to convert, Google customer match and audience match to hone in your target audience, and more.

What is PPC Management?

PPC is pay-per-click marketing and, it is one of the most effective ways to reach qualified customers. Pay-per-click gives you the ability to put your ads where your customers go every day online. 

Whether you want to increase conversions, bring in new leads, increase traffic to your website, or all of the above. Our experts can take care of it. 

Why Should My Company Run PPC ads?

Simply, your customers are online and, PPC ads give you the ability to serve ads to them all over the internet. 

PPC ads are also an extremely cost-effective way to advertise regardless of your budget. Ad prices are set by bidding on keywords which gives you the ability to be super flexible and strategic with your ad spend. 

What does your PPC management process look like?

Our process is simple but effective. We test, test, test until we can figure out what strategy fits best for your business. And once we figure it out, we keep testing to get your cost as low as possible. 

  1. Set realistic data-driven goals
  2. Keyword research 
  3. Competition Analysis
  4. Campaign Setup
  5. Split Testing
  6. Continuously Measure & Optimize to Supercharge Results 

Create Ads That Generate Returns

PPC Solutions For Your Business

Our Pay Per Click experts knows what works and what doesn’t. So whether you don’t have the time or aren’t sure how to run R.O.I. positive PPC campaigns, we got you covered.

Search Ads

Search ads are advertisements that appear only to people searching for your product or service. Since they appear only on searches, the ads are text only. Search ads are a great way to jump your competitors who may be at the top of the search results organically. Search ads have become one of the most popular advertising methods is due to their targeting ability. At Terra, we have Google Ads certified specialist ready to help you set up your search ads today!

Social Ads

According to the pew research center, 73% of Americans use one or more social media platforms. The term social advertising is a catch-all term for social media advertising. It simply means running ads on anything from Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Youtube, Tik Tok, Twitter, and many more. At Terra, we audit your business and create realistic goals for your campaign. We use those goals to inform our decision on what platforms would be most beneficial for your business.

Display Ads

Display ads are an incredibly effective way to advertise online. Their main strength is helping your company reach people in multiple places. As of now, display campaigns can reach people worldwide, across 35 million websites and apps, and on google-owned properties like YouTube and Gmail. This allows you to reach your potential customers or clients at the sites or platforms they use every single day. We can help you get started today with a unique display ad campaign!

Local Services Ads

Local service ads are a somewhat new offering from Google. They are a powerful way for service-based businesses to reach their potential customers. They work exactly how the name implies ads get shown to a potential customer in your service area. Another beneficial thing about local service ads is that you only pay when a customer calls or messages you directly. Let’s work together to beat your competition to the punch when people search for your local service!


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Frequently Asked Questions

PPC advertising involves paying a fee every time a potential customer clicks one of your advertisements. 

We will never make you sign a contract or make along term commitment. We operate on a month to month basis and you can cancel anytime you would like.

This will depend solely on how much you bid for a keyword. If a competitor bids higher then your ad will show below it. That is why working with a PPC management agency can be so beneficial. We have tools that let us see what keywords are most beneficial for your business and optimize our bidding strategies around those. 

PPC is an acronym that stands for pay per click. 

How much it cost to target keywords specific to your business will depend on what industry you are in and what location you want to  target. For example if you are targeting New York City its going to cost you much more per click than if you were targeting Sanford, Fl. Another important variable to keep in mind is depending on how broad the keyword is the more expensive it will be. So “dentist in Florida” would be much more expensive than “dentist in sanford Florida”. 

This is completely up to you. We have clients who want us to incorporate them in every decision and will add input to the final product, and we also have clients that get there monthly reports but are to busy running their business to have any input into the ads. 

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