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Website Design & Development

E-Commerce Site For Brick & Mortar Store

About Project

We were tasked with building and setting up an E-commerce store for a cigar company. This presented a special set of problems due to most payment processors not allowing the sale of cigars on there platforms. So we worked hand in hand with the company and helped find them a great payment processor with good rates and integrated it into the site. The site had over 500 products at launch we took care of images, product descriptions, and integrating the site with there inventory management system. Some of the custom solutions we provided where an age gate only allowing users over the age of 21 and an in store pickup and local delivery feature.

  • Industry:

    Cigars & Spirits
  • Start date:

    Mar 21, 2020
  • Category:

  • Finish date:

    May 21, 2020
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