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How do you use social media as a tool for customer service?

Parker Austin | February 18, 2022

We can’t escape social media, so it’s essential to use it to your benefit. When someone has a bad experience with your business, they will go to social media to talk about it. If someone has a question about your product or service, they will go to social media to ask it. If a customer has a problem checking out on your website or using a form, they will go to social media. I know this is redundant, but I’m just trying to get the point across that your customers are talking about you on social media, and you need to be there to provide solutions. It doesn’t mean being confrontational and proving why you were right; this means doing right by your customers or at least eloquently stating your business’s position on the issue.

Rethink what your idea of customer service is.

Customer service doesn’t just have to be answering customers’ questions or concerns. It can be something way more immersive and inclusive. Customer service can be anything that makes your customers feel more connected with your brand.

It means not just interacting as a corporate entity but speaking and engaging with your customers. You can wish people happy birthday, reach out to people via dm, or any other number of things. This is customer service and will make your customers much more comfortable with buying, using, and recommending your products to friends.

Provide a place for customers to get their questions answered quickly.

Social media can be a great place to provide quick answers to your customers’ questions. Medium and large businesses should have standalone social media accounts to provide customer service. This allows you to create a central place for incoming questions and makes them easier to answer quickly.

It’s not just about answering questions sent to you but also seeking out customers who have questions. By using the search feature on all social media sites, you can search your brand’s name and look through the recent posts for anyone having problems. This sort of proactive customer service can highlight your brand in a positive light and can gain you a customer for life.

Combat negativity with positivity.

Unfortunately, you are going to encounter bad faith actors on social media. Whether it be a jealous ex-friend, a scorned business partner, or just an unscrupulous competitor, there will be bad faith comments or reviews left about your business. The best thing you can do is meet their negativity with positivity. It shows your business in a professional light and will gain you favor with potential customers.

Know when to stay off social media.

This might be one of the most important tips you can receive as a business owner. There are times when it doesn’t make sense for you to post or answer customers’ questions online. There may be things that you can’t resolve in the public sphere, and that’s ok.

If your company messed up and the customer is infuriated, you probably don’t want them to air their grievances publicly, so you can take care of it offline to prevent that. You may need to reach out via phone call or email to resolve the problem.


Parker Austin

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