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How can a website help grow your business?

Parker Austin | January 25, 2022

If you’re asking yourself, “do I need a website?” your answer should be a resounding yes. There aren’t any good reasons not to have one. A website can be a highly effective and cost-efficient marketing tool for your business. You can think of a good website like you think of a friendly customer service agent. A good website will bring in customers and help you keep them long-term. Just like when you’re meeting a new customer face to face for the first time, first impressions mean everything online. When potential customers find your business online and have a terrible experience on your website, you could potentially forever lose them as a possible client. There are hundreds of other great ways websites can help grow your business, but for the sake of time, I came up with a list of the top 7 ways a website can help grow your business.

Let’s you explain your services on your terms.

You have complete control over the content presented when you have your website. Your business will get indexed by different websites regardless of whether you have a website or not. So if you don’t have a website, your customers will be left to find out about your business from a computer-generated description. These computer-generated descriptions tend to have wrong Information like incorrect hours or an incomplete list of services offered, which can leave your customers frustrated and cause them to reach out to a competitor. Explaining your benefits on your terms truly gives you the ability to deliver clarity to your customers. A good website will funnel your ideal customers towards you, which allows you to provide them with what they want.

It lets you stand out from your competition.

A custom-built website will help you stand out from your competitors. It allows you to truly showcase what your brand is about and show some personality. A well-built, fast, content-rich website can convey professionalism and impress potential customers.

It helps you build trust.

Tell new clients and prospects about your companies history relevant reviews, and show off your expertise and certifications. Having a website is an excellent way for people to learn more Information and become comfortable with your business. Building a website is also a good indicator to your clients that you take your business seriously. Especially for small businesses, having a website can mean a lot in public perception. A professional website will put your potential clients at ease as they go through the buying process.

Share the latest news of your business.

Whenever your business has an important announcement, you can post it on your website, creating a dedicated area where your customers can check for updates and changes. New and relevant content will also help your site rank better on google, so it’s a win-win.

Sell products

An obvious way having a website can grow your business is by using it to sell online. Selling products online is also called e-commerce. E-commerce sites are a great way to expand your audience. You can reach people around the country or world effortlessly. Many platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce make it easier than ever to start selling your products online.

Generate Leads

A website can help you generate and capture leads from online and offline advertising campaigns. Generating leads through a website typically involves a customer initiating a conversation through a contact form or providing you with their contact information about one of your products or services.


Parker Austin

My name is Parker Austin and I am an expert Wordpress developer. I have been working full time on Wordpress, Shopify, and bootstrap sites since 2014. And have built, developed, or fixed over 500+ sites since then.

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