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3 Web Design Tips to Keep Your Visitors Happy

Parker Austin | January 25, 2022

A website can be considered a living, breathing entity. It needs constant care and attention to remain relevant and enticing. This article aims to help small business owners gain valuable knowledge and understand the methods of designing sites that will keep visitors coming back for more.

Make Sure Your Site Is Mobile-Friendly.

According to Statista, around 54% of all internet traffic is mobile, which means that over half of your website visitors will use their phones to access your site. So not having a mobile-friendly means all those people will have a bad experience with your brand.

It is also an essential metric for determining your page ranking with Google. You can make sure your site is always compliant with googles standards for mobile friendliness by using the google search console.

Keep Your Site Lightning Quick!

First impressions are everything on the internet, and a slow site will make visitors leave. Having a site that loads quickly is vital for creating a good user experience. According to, a website that loads in 1.7 seconds is faster than 75% of all global websites. So that means not only is having a fast website essential, but it also can be a way to stand out from your competition.

Another reason having a fast website is essential is to rank on search engines. Google uses page speed as a metric for determining where your page ranks in the search results. This means that having a slow website will make your site rank lower.

Keep The Content Simple

Don’t overthink it! You are an expert at what you do, so share your expertise. You can write a blog post answering frequently asked questions or write an in-depth how-to guide. Whatever it is creating, the content will give you website visitors something to consume, which will keep them on your site longer.


Parker Austin

My name is Parker Austin and I am an expert Wordpress developer. I have been working full time on Wordpress, Shopify, and bootstrap sites since 2014. And have built, developed, or fixed over 500+ sites since then.

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